GPS Tracking

We offer various fleet tracking devices, which can be uniquely programmed to transmit vast amounts of data. This typically occurs once every 60 seconds. That raw data is translated, and made available to clients through our cloud-based IntelliMatics™ GPS Tracking System. Our base monthly service includes unlimited 60 second fleet tracking updates, report, alerts, and all other features, functions, and benefits.

The IntelliMatics™ System is 100% cloud-based, with no software to install whatsoever. The only requirement for access is an Internet-connected PC, or iOS or Android device. The online platform is also completely customizable, based on user-defined preferences. The system provides a full-range of advanced features and capabilities. PTO monitoring is available, Garmin device integration, starter enable/disable, door lock/unlock, manual pinging of devices and more, are all available to clients. Click Here to learn more.