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1. Our State-of-the-Art GPS Tracking Platform:

A Geo-Trax™ GPS tracking device is installed in each vehicle and keeps track of the precise location, speed and heading, and records & reports additional vital information. By pre-selecting tracking parameters, our clients decide the circumstances under which a vehicle will report its tracking data. This information is forwarded to the cloud-based tracking system, where clients can view the activities of their vehicle or fleet on digitized maps by using the Internet. In addition, clients can utilize the tracking portal to carry out deeper control functions. For example, a vehicle’s starter can be remotely disabled or enabled and the doors can be unlocked with the point and click of a mouse. EasyTracGPS places these capabilities and many more in the hands of our clients.

Fully-integrated GPS tracking combines five advanced technologies to deliver one seamless solution: computing intelligence; the Global Positioning System (GPS); wireless communications; digitized mapping; and, the Internet.

2. Computing Intelligence & Power:

A Geo-Trax™ device is installed into each vehicle. A computer processor, GPS tracking receiver, and wireless transceiver are integrated into each unit. Our powerful GPS tracking platform communicates via wireless networks.

3. Wireless Networks:

EasyTracGPS’ cloud-based platform, the IntelliMatics™ GPS Tracking System, is housed within our Network Operations Center. It is the nucleus of our sophisticated tracking technology. In essence, it is the computing intelligence that captures information and facilitates its flow. It manages all of the communications between Geo-Trax™ devices and our clients via the Internet. This powerful system is capable of managing the largest of fleets with full security for each vehicle.

4. EasyTracGPS Clients:

Our clients access information about their vehicles “LIVE” by communicating with the IntelliMatics™ GPS tracking system. Using a standard Internet browser, our system incorporates a windows-based graphical user interface (GUI) and digitized mapping, which provides an easy-to-use look & feel. Pull-down menus and quick-buttons give rapid access to the main functions of the GPS tracking system.